Cause and Effect:
Memory and the exploration of the dream state.

Ginamahre is a multi-media artist and sound designer based in Los Angeles, California. Within her work, she visualizes the physical and emotional experiences shared by the subconscious mind, often communicated by building interactive sculpture and video that discuss vivid dreaming, self-reflection, and the mental safety net of the dream space. Beginning with the development of a personal virtual world, Ginamahre uses her dream diary and recollection of childhood comforts to create a surreal interactive space that emulates the feel of late 1990’s and early 2000’s gameplay. Building a 3D environment that channels the “PS1” or low-poly game world brings nostalgia to a generation that grew up on the blocky beginnings of gaming in a 3D simulated space.

Born in Washington, DC, the memories of the generational decay, underdevelopment, and its commodification through urban renewal is consistently referenced within Ginamahre’s work. These memories are expanded through the format of narrative illustration that tell stories about the clairvoyance expressed through adolescence and imagination and the growing necessity of the world-wide web in personal development and social experience. The intersections of personal, technological, and societal development play a large role in the upbringings of a young Black girl in the early 2000’s. How we can be seen in the virtual world and verses our lived reality challenges our understanding of race, for through this digital connection, we can separate ourselves from our Blackness.