Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Philosophy

Throughout my educational advancement, I have thrived the most by having instructors that encourage me to take my own path to  reach my goals and embrace my individuality as a student. It is important to acknowledge and embrace the differences amongst students. I teach because I believe that all students have different learning paths and require new and explorative ways of understanding new concepts. As an instructor my goals are to maintain a positive and exciting learning atmosphere and find the most effective ways to increase the amount of information students retain outside of the classroom. As a student, I knew that I performed best when I had positive relationship with my instructor. Building a solid student/teacher relationship allows students to feel more comfortable asking questions and looking for clarification on assignments they did not understand. To create a clear path or students to connect and achieve their goals, I enjoy working on group warm ups that not only get their ideas flowing but to allow them to communicate and inspire their peers with their creativity.

Within the classroom I want students to feel the freedom to make mistakes on their work. Making portfolio quality pieces will be a part of their professional development but failing is a large part of building portfolio quality skills. Students will not only be assessed on their ability to complete assignments and finish tasks, but their ability to receive and give feedback to their peers. Communication is a large part of working in the design world, and students should have exposure to socializing in artistic circles to better prepare them for the formal design atmosphere.

Building an accessible and inclusive environment is an essential part of the classroom and any educational space I occupy. By establishing preferred pronouns at the beginning of the first class and discussing diversity as its own lecture within the course, I hope to establish the belief that our classroom is open and accepting to all students. Bringing light to our differences and acknowledging the diverse community in college spaces is important to connecting to your students and making them feel welcome to express themselves and have honest discussions within class. This concept will be reinforced through the types of projects we will complete in class. Such as the “advertisement redesign” project which tasks students with selecting and redesigning their own chosen add to be more diverse and inclusive.

Thoughts on Pedagogy

I believe that the most success comes from positive reinforcement within the classroom. After teaching with students from many grades up to post-secondary school, I have built strong relationships with students who know that I appreciate their best efforts and reward everyone equally for their hard work. Patience and understanding are the key to being successful in the classroom. 

Personal Statement

Over the next few years, I am most passionate about exploring the next frontier of technology with my students. Learning new programs and materials can be challenging and I think it is important to break the ice between traditional artists and technology. My experiences with technology have been stressful but also incredibly rewarding in my professional development. I believe it is important to strengthen the students confidence through helpful exercises that allow them the get comfortable with using ditigal mediums in their work.