Apartment large with light wood floors

White or grey walls, many rooms

Aunt and other roommates move throughout the space.

Enclosed but freeing/expansive

Secure nest

Car and romantic interest. Travel/ White SUV


Homosexuality/fighting and disagreements

House with many rooms, two roommates

Walking on a college campus with three friends, all Black women. We gather in a parking lot with other students/young adults all sitting and talking

Before we a arrive a man is following us. He touches one woman inappropriately and we try to run. For some reason I cannot gain speed, my pants are too tight.




Im working in a department store. I don’t pay much attention and spend most of my time on my phone. Some coworkers are afraid we’ll be fired. This doesn’t phase me much.

Country gets eaten by an iguana. I think he is dead but he is not, he’s eaten alive before I can save him.

Im in the sewers in an underground reptile fighting ring. I have a snake with 4 legs, he wins his battle but turns on me once the battles finish.

I’m buying snacks at a gas station and I cannot carry them all. I’m being catcalled by a group of Black men, I turn away and ignore them. My mom tells me she’s pimping a woman on the street but she wants to change careers soon. She can’t find the woman she’s been pimping and think the men at the gas station may have taken her.


There’s a huge house party. I’m unsure whose birthday it is but I seem to know most of the people there. There’s a huge backyard with a skate ramp and a pool. Tyler and jasper are outside eating BBQ. We go into the attic where another family lives, they have several kittens that are as big as the palm of my hand. I pick them up and pet their heads slowly. They make small noises as their eyes barely begin to open.

I’m running in a panic around the house and I constantly return to the outdoor shopping plaza near the house. Lynn and I visit every store in the Plaza after becoming bored with the house party. I want to show her every store, every cool thing we can find around us. I see beautiful clouds with a pink hue forming in the distance. I beg lynn to follow me so we can get a closer look. At the edge of the plaza we see the clouds push and pull like sea waves. For a few seconds we stand there silently and listen as the waves create its own meditative sound. The clouds touch the edge of the concrete sidewalk and lynn is afraid she’ll fall over. I grab her hand as she tips and try to show her how to have complete control of the space. As the building begins to move so do we, but I’m not afraid of falling in my own dream.